How to contribute

Coding is definitely not the only way you can contribute to Gauge. There are many valuable ways to contribute to the product and to help the growing Gauge community.

  • Test Gauge

    Test Gauge

    You can report an issue you found, or you can help us test Gauge to find new issues. Gauge is tested with Gauge so you can also add to our existing automated tests.

  • Discuss with the Community

    Discuss with the Community

    We have an active forum where issues, features and ideas are discussed. Start a discussion, or help someone get started with Gauge.

  • Blog about Gauge

    Blog about Gauge

    Contribute to our blog Maybe you’ve used Gauge in a different way, or you’ve analyzed how a feature works. If you write about experiences like these, we’d love to add them to the Gauge blog.

  • Enhance our Examples

    Enhance our Examples

    We maintain a set of examples that evolve as we add new features and languages. This is to help someone new to Gauge get started easily. If you’ve tried something you think would be useful to the community, please add it.

  • Improve our Documentation

    Improve our Documentation

    If you enjoy doing a detailed analysis of how something works, whether it’s an API or a feature, please use this talent to help us improve our documentation. This will definitely help the Gauge community at large.

  • Code for Gauge

    Code for Gauge

    Contribute code to Gauge! All repositories are hosted on GitHub. Gauge’s core is written in Golang but plugins are, and can be, written in any popular language. Pick up any pending feature or bug, big or small, then send us a pull request. Even fixing broken links is a big, big help.

Code Contribution Process

  • Find an issue
  • Assign the issue to yourself
  • Fork the repository, keep it in sync with the master
  • Talk to us about what you want to do
  • Make your changes
  • Submit a Pull Request
  • Fill out the CLA Form
  • We Merge your Request

How to start contributing

There are issues of varying levels across all Gauge repositories. All issues that need to be addressed are tagged as 'Help Needed'. One easy way to get started is to pick a small bug to fix. These have been tagged as 'Easy Picks'.

If your contribution is a code contribution and you do send us a pull request, you will first need to read and sign the Contributor License Agreement.

How to get help

If you need any help getting started or get stuck along the way, you can talk to us on Gitter or on our discussion forum. We are happy to help and answer any questions.