Feb 15, 2017 | Soumya Swaroop

5 reasons to use Gauge

5 reasons to use Gauge

Despite having the right set of automated tests, writing and managing a growing test suite can be challenging.

Here’s a few other Gauge features that can make managing tests less painful.

Reason 1: Get Started Quickly

Be it Mac, Windows, Linux OS or any of the supported Gauge’s language runners, all it takes are a few steps from Gauge installation to see it work. There are templates available to bootstrap the process of initialising a Gauge project. Here are some the examples to understand more.

Reason 2: Easy to use

With Gauge, stop worrying about

Which language is used to implement a step — Java, C#, Ruby or community contributed runners

When to execute — Trigger the tests manually or Configure to Auto trigger

Where to execute it from — CI/locally on Windows, Mac or Linux, Virtual Machine, Docker Container.

What are the types of test data used for the test cases — external/internal, inline/special and more

How are the tests executed — In Sequence or in parallel.

Gauge’s execution and reporting handles all this and more.

Reason 3: Get faster feedback

Gauge is fast. Here are the performance numbers on a micro bench mark of a sample Gauge project.

With multithread parallel run, the performance gains are huge.

All other functionalities like reporting etc. just works on either mode. It is easy to switch between sequential of parallel runs for your test suite. This makes configuring Gauge test suites, to run on CI/CD servers, simple.

Reason 4: Better abstraction

Specifications in Markdown provides an effective way to break communication barriers and express better. It cleanly abstracts code behind the steps.

A Concept is a re-usable logical group of steps. It allows better abstraction of a business intent by combining steps.

Flexible folder structure gives the ability to locate and execute the specifications that interest us.

Tagging allows to define functional and logical groups across scenarios and specifications. Filter, execute and search related scenarios and specifications easily using these tags.

Reason 5: IDE Support makes maintaining suites easy

With a growing test suite, there is a need to make managing it simpler. Gauge’s IDE support helps to

  • Navigate between steps, concepts and code blocks. This helps to keep the flow & get better understanding.

  • Autocomplete encourages Don’t want to Repeat Yourself (DRY)

  • Generate step implementations

  • Refactor with ease

  • Early warnings (displays as you type)

  • Run tests from the IDE at any level — suite, spec, scenario etc.

  • Debug your tests from the IDE

  • And more!

At Gauge, we understand that it is good to keep things simple. We aim to make test automation, simple and easy to maintain.

Gauge is a free and open source test automation framework that takes the pain out of acceptance testing. Download it or read documentation to get started!